3x Lacrosse

The Game

the fastest game in two hands


3x is the original small sided game born of the proverbial backyard, neighborhood kid pick-up, call your own foul, throw the little brother in the goal game, and simply playing 3x develops great stick skills, offensive and defensive instincts, and creativity and cunning that coaches often lament are near impossible to coach.

3x endows athletes with more touches on the ball, increased opportunity for in-game offensive and defensive situational exposure, quick successive simple decision points on both sides of the ball, total game immersion where you’re always “on” and your involvement or lack thereof directly and immediately has an impact on the game, more scoring opportunities, more assisting opportunities, and team defense fundamentals and awareness among so many other intangibles with little to no coach intervention.  This style of play rapidly increases overall stick skills and lacrosse IQ and IS CRAZY FUN!

Facilitators will supervise games and provide teaching and guidance when needed, but will typically err on the side of letting the kids play.

3x lacrosse is the original and premier host of 3x lacrosse events anywhere in the world. Get involved in this exciting game and register your team in one of our events below!

the game

The game of 3x is played with only one official 3’ by 3’ 3x lacrosse goal

Everyone plays with a regular short stick. No long-sticks. No goalie sticks. No toy or fiddle sticks.

Game ball is a tennis ball or an official Regulation 3x Game Ball.

Three players per team on the field at once with no designated positions.

Teams are chosen by piling the six sticks together and mixing them randomly into teams of three with one’s eyes closed.

In a pick-up game, first team to score 5 goals wins.

In tournament play, open round games are 7-10 minutes long, and the team ahead at the end of regulation time is the winner. If the game is tied at the end of regulation time, then depending on time constraints, the lead Facilitator will decide whether to proceed with a coin toss, a game of roshambo (Rock-Paper-Scissors), a shootout, or a golden goal overtime period to determine who prevails in the competition.


3x benefits

  • Increase Life Satisfaction

    This may sound far fetched, but once you play 3x this will make more and more sense and you will look forward to playing again and again.  Also, you will laugh more, be more attractive, be less stressed, make more friends, and be a better and smarter lacrosse player!

  • Increase stick skills

    As the saying goes, you have to have a quick stick in a tight crease, and that's even more applicable with a small goal.  Players develop a soft touch, unbelievably quick moves, higher self confidence, and spot on feeds, because you HAVE TO in order to score in 3x at the top levels!

  • Increase lacrosse IQ

    3x is a microcosm of the larger game. Simply playing 3x exposes participants to more offensive and defensive game situations that require quick decisive action, and in the absence of making a decision, experience is gained and taken to the next decision point.