3x Lacrosse




THERE’S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, 3x® IS THE KIND OF PRODUCT THAT SELLS ITSELF! You just have to play 3x® once and you’re hooked! WE BELIEVE IN 3x – 100% Therefore, we have had top lacrosse players as well as rank beginners alike try 3x and asked them for feedback! It’s pretty much the same and IT’S ALL GOOD!

Scroll down to see what TOP NOTCH COACHES AND PLAYERS are saying about 3x® Lacrosse:

Drew Snider
2013 MLL Most Improved Player of the Year award with Denver Outlaws // University of Maryland 2012 Team Captain // Named to the 2012 NCAA All-Tournament Team // 2x US Lacrosse High School All-American // 3x first-team Washington All-State

3x is my new favorite game. It only took one game for me to fall in love. I had to get my youth and HS players playing immediately so I ordered goals as soon as I could. When playing 3x your game constantly improves and it’s better than any 3v2 drill. 3x is fast-paced, competitive, and most importantly fun!

Matt Bocklet
Denver Outlaws LSM // Former NLL Philadelphia Wings Team Member // 2007 NCAA National Champion at Johns Hopkins University // 15th overall selection in the 2008 MLL Draft

I had not heard of 3x until I moved to Denver about a year ago. As soon as I was introduced to the game I fell in love with playing it. It is action packed and requires great stick handling skills and quick decision making. As a coach I enjoy using it as a training tool for my players, and I have noticed the results in just a few short months. It helps develop: skills with both hands, soft hands or touch, and forces you to find or create spacing among your teammates on offense. It is a great way to learn how to play defense as well because it forces players to communicate with their teammates and find skip lanes. Most importantly 3x helps players become more creative and is a lot of fun to play.

Chris Rotelli
Captain of 2003 NCAA Champion University of Virginia // 2003 ACC Athlete of the Year // 2003 Tewaaraton Award Winner // 1st overall pick in 2003 MLL draft // Captain of the San Francisco Dragons // 4x MLL All-Star // Founder and Director of ADVNC Lacrosse // Over 15 years of coaching experience

3x is one of the most fun lacrosse games you can play. It naturally improves your vision, accuracy, stick work, ground balls… really every part of your game gets better as you play. The best part is that it is one of the most fun lacrosse games I have played, and you can play it with people of all ages and abilities. Since Guy taught me the game a few years ago, I have been hooked, and have since played it at all of our camps and practices. The players really enjoy it, and it makes them a lot better. Keeping lacrosse fun, while at the same time making sure players get better is what I think coaching lacrosse is all about, and 3x makes it easy to do both.

Luke-Lemon-e1517265511907-300x300 (1)
Luke Lemon
SUNY Cortland defensemen 05-09 // Team captain 08, 09 // Two time national champion 06, 09 // First team all American 09 // Lacrosse coach for all levels

A blurb for the greatest small sided game in the history sport and lacrosse….3x is a phenomenal training tool that has improved my stick skills immensely. I can honestly say that since I started playing 3x less than a year ago, I am now better at ground balls, picking off and knocking down passes, carrying the ball in my stick and making good offensive decisions when running transition. The game has increased my proficiency and confidence using both hands passing, catching, finishing and dodging, even playing one on one defense. 3x improves your feel of the ball and the control of your stick which is crucial for all positions on the field. 3x gives a fun alternative to the mundane training routine of wall ball. I recommended 3x to all players who want to improve and embark on a new journey with their stick.

Julie Myers
University of Virginia Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach 1996-Present

I wanted to thank you for sharing your 3x goals with us a few weeks ago. All of us LOVED 3x! Playing 3x helped develop stick skills, game sense, passing lanes and of course defensive slides and everything that happens in front of the goal. We are looking forward to using the goals again and having more fun coaching, learning and playing.

Jamie Munro
3D Lacrosse – Founder and CEO // ESPN Lacrosse Analyst and Announcer // Assistant Coach for the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse // University of Denver – Head Coach from 1998-2009 // Yale University – Assistant Coach from 1991-1998 // Colorado College – Head Coach 1990 // Brown University – Graduated 1989 All-American and 3x All-Ivy

After spending 35 years playing, coaching and studying the game of lacrosse, I was introduced to 3x in Denver….. it’s amazing how it has impacted me. It is by far the best means to develop Box / Field Hybrid skills; it is also pure joy to play. It is the ultimate “pick up” game of all ages for lacrosse that teaches creativity and passion.

Beth Calder
Regis University Lacrosse assistant coach 2006-present // Drexel University assistant 2005-2006 // Cornell University class of 2002 // NCAA Final Four 2002

I was introduced to 3x in the spring of 2013 and had the most fun playing lacrosse I had in a long time. We immediately purchased five goals for our upcoming college summer camp. Aside from being the most fun pick-up game ever, 3x is an incredible teaching tool. From beginning lacrosse players to elite high school and college players, 3x can help improve any player’s game: It quickly teaches defensive communication in small¬- sided and man-down situations; learning to catch a tennis ball with a girl’s lacrosse stick helps players catch any pass; offensively, players learn quicker stick skills, faster ball movement and better off-ball movement as well. We have enthusiastically incorporated 3x into our camp curriculum and college practices. I also play pickup in the back yard as often as possible! I LOVE 3x lacrosse!!!!!

Guy Cerasoli
Head Coach Arapahoe Warriors High School Lacrosse 2009-2015, Littleton, Colorado // Colorado State Champion – 2009, 2012, 2013 // Denver Post Colorado Coach of the Year – 2009, 2012, 2013

I have been playing 3x with my friends for the past seventeen years or so every Thursday night. The group includes former high school and collegiate All Americans, former NCAA National Champions, current professional players, college coaches, high school coaches and guys who picked up a stick less than six months ago who are now ball faking and finishing on everyone (including the pros and NCAA All Americans!). We have so much fun, I started playing 3x during practices for training purposes with the high school team I coach, and I strongly believe it contributed to our winning the Colorado State Championships in 2009, 2012, and 2013.

Bart Sullivan
2012 Colorado Assistant Coach of the Year // Assistant Coach Arapahoe High School – 2012 CO State Champs // Former DI Head and Assistant Coach, Bellarmine University // Five Years NCAA Coaching Experience // Former Team Captain and Defensive MVP, University of Denver

3x Lacrosse is the perfect training tool for kids of all ages. It can be played full speed or with no pads and very limited checking. Either way, it is a great opportunity for players to improve their skill and confidence in a fun environment. It is similar to playground basketball or backyard football in that you do not need coaches or refs and there is very little equipment required. Perhaps most importantly, 3x Lacrosse allows players to fulfill their urge to experiment with high-level creative stick work; this is often what attracted them to this sport in the first place and helps them develop a sincere love for the game. . .
Kids get the benefits of shooting on a smaller goal while at the same time allowing us to develop the whole team as “overall lacrosse players” rather than being forced to relegate certain players to a particular position. At the older levels it remains a great training tool but is also the ultimate “fun” raiser for our teams as 3x Tournaments become competitive team building exercises. Your ability to integrate 3x Lacrosse into your program’s training regimen is only limited by your own creativity.

Rod Allison
co-founder and executive director Denver City Lax // commissioner Colorado High School Boys Lacrosse Association.

Denver City Lax loves 3x Lacrosse! The game not only builds lacrosse skills, it’s a blast to play. We set up a 3x goal and a pick-up game breaks out. We use 3x at practices, clinics or when players get together at the park. Our organization provides lacrosse at no cost in under-served Denver neighborhoods and 3x Lacrosse has kindly donated several goals to help support our organization. We have found 3x to be a great tool in introducing the game to new players whether in a gym or on a field.

late Jake Herman
Head Coach – Mountain Vista High School- Highlands Ranch, Colorado // Defensive Coordinator – Regis Jesuit High School Raiders – 2011 Colorado State Champions

With coaching lacrosse you are always looking for an advantage, and the game of 3x gives you and your team this advantage. 3x teaches all the basics of the field game (both defensively and offensively), and 3x’s goals are the perfect tool for this. 3x’s goals are extremely easy to set up and break down while being very durable. I highly recommend this for extra work for any team.

Lance Savage
Head Coach – Mountain Vista High School- Highlands Ranch, Colorado // Defensive Coordinator – Regis Jesuit High School Raiders – 2011 Colorado State Champions

3x Lacrosse is one of the best teaching tools out there. As a 2 time All American from Hobart College (’90), I have found myself coaching lacrosse as my profession and often have my teams play 3x for what they learn by playing this simplified microcosm of the bigger game. The basic principles of how to play 3 on 2 and 2 on 1 offense AND defense are elementary facets of team lacrosse that are forced on the players when they play 3x. Getting into passing lanes, throwing fakes to move or freeze a defense, pressing out on an attacker and recovering into the hole, taking advantage of uneven numbers, stick handling, ground ball, trick shots/passes and finishing are all things we try to get our kids to understand and perfect. These skills are all taught by simply competing in this backyard game. And to do all this with a tennis ball makes players get a MUCH better feel for a ball in their stick. I have 3 young boys and they play 3x all the time. They are all at the top of their grade level as far as the above skills are concerned. I attribute much of their success in learning these skills to the time they have spent playing 3x Lacrosse. Get a net, have a few friends over and let them learn through repetition, without a coach telling them every move to make. They will figure it out and 3x will help make them the best they can be.

warning! 3X [three-by] is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE bacause it is SO MUCH FUN! 3X hooks beginners and experts alike.