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The World 3x Federation Cooperative ("W3xFC") is a collective of like-minded Facilitators who love and value an active and healthy lifestyle, are involved in athletics,  have a particular connection to the sport of lacrosse, love the game of 3x, and want to join forces to grow the sport of lacrosse, teach the game of 3x, and develop individual character, local camaraderie, and global community.

Each 3x Chapter is headed up by one of these like-minded Facilitators, who have applied and been accepted to be a W3xFC Facilitator, with attendant rights and responsibilities.  Each 3x Chapter has its own unique characteristics derived from its Facilitator and leadership, its geography, its athletes, and whatever other influences weigh in on such matters, BUT each 3x Chapter is tied closely to the source, and is expected to abide by, and is held to certain standards, conduct, procedures, morals, ethics, and rules.

New 3x Chapters will be added as appropriate, and as new 3x Chapters become part of the global gumbo and grow the W3xFC world village, the W3xFC takes on new characteristics and gets better with each new addition.  Be sure to let us know what you like best about your particular (or another) 3x Chapter so we can do our best to assimilate the best into our overall existence.

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