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What is 3x ("three-by") and the W3xFC?

3x is the original lacrosse small sided backyard, neighborhood kid pick-up, call your own foul, throw the little brother in the goal game, and simply playing 3x develops great stick skills, offensive and defensive instincts, and creativity and cunning that coaches often lament are near impossible to coach.

3x endows athletes with more touches on the ball, increased opportunity for in-game offensive and defensive situational exposure, continuous quick successive simple decision points on both sides of the ball, total game immersion where you’re always “on” and your involvement or lack thereof directly and immediately has an impact on the game for better or worse, more scoring opportunities, more assisting opportunities, and team defense fundamentals and awareness among so many other intangibles with no coach intervention.  This style of play rapidly increases overall stick skills and lacrosse IQ and IS CRAZY FUN!

The World 3x Federation Cooperative (“W3xFC”) will be a global community of 3x Facilitators who love lacrosse, love to organize and bring people together, love to have fun and help others have fun, and want to give back and pay their good fortune and attitude forward.  Moreover, W3xFC Facilitators will be W3xFC owners, which means they will take care of the details and have the support and guidance of a global collective of like minded individuals striving for the same goal of providing the best of services, products, and results at the best value in a consistent manner with an extensive support group focused on their success and positive impact.

3x Facilitators will organize, promote, run, and manage 3x programming such as tournaments, leagues, play days, learn to play clinics, social clubs, etc.  Participants can rest assured that fair play, good sportsmanship, respect, constraint, inclusion, consideration, good manners, and personal responsibility will pervade all 3x Programming, because all participants will be W3xFC Members and will enter into an Agreement with all other W3xFC stakeholders regarding expectations and requirements in and around behavior, conduct, rights, and responsibilities and what is expected and required of individuals to be a good and continuing citizen within the W3xFC community.

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